Code Pad Entry System

This simple, reliable system is ideal where multiple users require access.

Keypads can be mounted practically anywhere for ease of use.

Our keypads come in a variety of weather resistant finishes from brass to stainless steel. There is a vast range of contemporary and traditional designs available to make the system as discreet as possible.

Remote Control

This is the most common automated door and gate system on the market.

Users can keep the remotes on keyrings, in the car or anywhere else! Some models can be permanently fitted to cars as shown opposite.

The modern slim design of these units is a far cry from the boxy models first seen on the market several decades ago. Multi-button remotes can be used to grant access through a variety of gates or garage doors if required.

Vehicle Proximity Operation

The ultimate in convenience!

These discreet units are fitted in your car and allow secure entry without having to press a button.

Sensors on the gate posts or garage wall detect the authorised car as it approaches and automatically open to allow entry.

A simpler version where gates or doors automatically open to any car is also available. This technology simply detects any approaching mass of metal.

Proximity tags can be used in conjunction with other entry systems to allow guests and other approved users to gain entry.

Smart Cards or Keyrings

This system works by holding a slim card or keyring up to a sensor to allow entry.

The inexpensive cards and keyrings make this a great solution for businesses, hotels and other installations with multiple users.

Mobile Phone Entry

This system involves the use of a mobile phone SIM card within the technical hardware.

When visitors press the intercom call button, the system telephones the owner to allow two-way conversation with the visitor. The owner can then grant access by simply pressing a number on their telephone keypad.

A great solution to allow access to short-term rental properties. Also ideal for cleaners and tradespeople. Users can also gain access by 'texting' a code to the system or ringing a designated number and entering a PIN code.

This system can be installed alongside other automation entry methods for more regular users.

Push Button Operation

As simple as gate or garage door automation gets!

Press the button to gain entry. A great additional function for nearly all of our installations as it can allow the system to be operated from the inside.

Push button operation is a standard feature with most of the gate and garage door automation systems we install.


Gate and Garage Door Ltd can automate every model it installs. We can also install automation to existing gates and doors.

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